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Spoken english
Course Details
Effective communication skills
Presentation skills / Public speaking skills
Group discussions / meetings
Art of questioning and listening
Role plays
Audio-video classes
News paper and book reading
Business English
Accent neutralzsation
1. Spoken English For Beginners

» To improve speaking English as native speakerspeaks.
» To develop fluency and improve pronunciation.
» To develop understanding ability by improving listening skills.
» To develop vocabulary and be accurate in expression.
» To develop techniques of asking questions and answering questions.
» Overall Communications Skills (Listening, Telephone and Social etiquette)

This course can be benefited for those who finishes studies English as second or third language. Students who take admission to this course have to undergo training for Two months. Everyday students are asked to give presentation at the Dias in front of all students with well equipped publicaddressing system so that students get rid of stage fear.

2.Communication Skills for Professional Students

This course enables the students in various aspects:
This is the course for students who did their professional studies in Engineering, MCA, MBA or any other PG courses. To get a dream job, it is required to be equipped with effective communication skills, spontaneity, refined body language, etiquette and presentation skills. In this regard, we have designed this course..

Course Content

» Spoken English
» Campus Interview Techniques
» Mock tests
» Group Discussions
» Presentation Skills
» Functional English
» Accent training
» Written skills
» Listening skills

3.Call Centre Training - Course Content

» Spoken English
» Accent Neutralization
» Attitude
» HR Interview Skills
» Group Discussion
» Body language
» Contextual grammar and Vocabulary
» Voice inflection
» Diction clarity
» Telephone etiquettes
» Language manners
» Listening skills
» Resume writing
» Campus Recruitment Course
» Grammar
» Spoken English
» HR Interview Skills
» Aptitude

4.Communication Skills for Children

Many children who are from English medium are also not confident in spoken fluency to overcome this ENGLISH HOUSE provides smart course for children. This course makes the children good Public speakers and improve language skills.

Course Content

» Spoken English
» Confidence building
» Vocabulary & spelling improvement
»Functional English
» Listening skills